Is Anyone Listening?

Recently I sat at a dinner table watching a large group of adults in conversation. Usually there was more than one going on at once. Food being passed, comments made, questions asked, laughter – all attempts at communication. Words were flying from one person to another with conversation lines crisscrossing the table. At times someone would shift from one conversation to another. At one point I noticed a lady who started to say something to a man diagonal to her at the table. He suddenly was distracted and turned his attention to the new comment to his left leaving the lady hanging mid sentence! I noticed her eyes. First there was disappointment, then as she continued to talk, she began searching for a new listener. No one was looking at her. No one was listening. Her tone changed as sadness crept into her voice. Then she noticed me looking at her. Her eyes locked on. Her voice strengthened. She found new energy for the continuing story she was telling. She had found a listener and focus returned.

What a sad feeling when no one listens. You feel disconnected, ignored, unimportant and lost. As you step into this week, here’s a word for you:

“Jesus eyes are locked on to you! Tell your story. He’s listening when no one else is! You have His full attention.”

May God be close and affirm you today. If you have prayer requests, please let me know and our Prayer Partners will be praying for you this week.