Have you ever noticed how athletes who are in team sports always play better when they have known each other a long time and have spent casual time together? There’s a reason for that. When you have a relationship with someone, you get to know them. You trust them. You know their ways and even their thoughts. That way when the pressure of the game is on, you don’t have to spend a lot of time wondering how they will respond, what they would think, or whether they are really with you. You know it – instinctively. So then you can act, move quickly, with confidence. Similarly, when you are under the pressure of work, decisions, choices, or possibilities, you can act instinctively and keep Jesus ever present. When you treat Him like a friend, have a relationship with Him, involve Him in more than just the big decisions of your life suddenly you find that you know His ways, thoughts and you trust Him. And that affects your confidence and ability to act. It’s a relationship, just like any other. Only in this case it’s with someone who knows and loves you.

If you have any needs we can pray for, please just let me know and I’ll be sure our Prayer Partners pray for you this week.

Blessings on you,