The Word

 Have you ever noticed how your communication changes depending on who you’re with?  When you hang out with young children, words get simpler, your tone becomes more childlike, and the ideas you communicate become more tangible.  Spend time with educated folks and the big words show up in your speech, analytical thinking is active and you might discuss very intangible concepts.  We communicate to be understood.  That’s the goal of every word – to be understood, to be heard, to be applied.  A Word of a different kind is how God did exactly that for us.  God decided to communicate at our level in order to be understood.  His communication changed so that it would understood by us.  Jesus was the fullest Word of God in communicating to us.  And what was it that He wanted us to understand so much that God made it so simple?  It was simply that God is present – you are not alone; and God loves you.

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