Have you ever noticed how easy it is to walk by someone who's hurting and sort of ignore them? "It's not my hurt. I'm not affected." But when someone we know or love gets hurt, we are much more attentive. We notice it and we respond to it with care. Funny how our empathy in response to hurt is in direct relationship to our love. We call love a risk precisely because it carries with it the possibility of hurt. When we love someone who is hurting, we hurt right along with them and are compelled to be involved with them. God loves us. I can only imagine the empathy He feels for us when we are hurting. Perhaps seeing other people like God sees them will cause us not to ignore them. It shows we have love for one another. And isn't that one of the greatest commands of all?

If you have any prayer requests, please let me know. I will be sure our Prayer Partners pray for you.

God give you eyes to see others as He sees them.