Whose Sandbox Are We In?

When my children were young, I built them a sandbox in the backyard. Railroad ties, sand, and some great sandbox toys. They were excited to use it and invite all their neighborhood friends. Soon I started seeing their human nature become evident: “That’s my shovel, you can’t play with it!” “This is my part of the sandbox, stay away!” “Dad, she ruined my sandcastle!” – Selfishness, entitlement, and power began to creep into the play and become the sandbox rules. I realized I had to set some “rules-of-engagement” and remind the kids who’s sandbox it really was – “It’s NOT your sandbox. It’s Mom & Dad’s and we are letting you play in it. Here are the rules: No throwing sand at each other; No destroying one another’s sand castles; Be nice to each other.”

We live in a community, like a sandbox. Whether in our city, our state, our nation, or even in your own cohort or workplace. We occasionally think the places we work, study, live and find engage with others is “our sandbox.” Human nature begins to assert itself in establishing the rules: independence, entitlement, dominance. Listen to the voices vying for dominance. God has to come and remind us who’s sandbox we’re in. This place – where we work, play, live, and engage – is not ours. It’s God’s sandbox. He’s entrusted us with it, to work, to live, to engage with one another. The rules of engagement come not from our human nature, but from His heart! I’ll tell you more about that in coming weeks…for this week, remember who’s sandbox we’re in!

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