Sandbox Lesson — Interdependence

“I don’t need anyone! I can do it alone. No one will tell me what I should do or how. I will stand on my own two feet. I don’t depend on anyone but me.”

Wow! A litany of phrases that sound really harsh…but very familiar in daily life. Independence is something that we celebrate, strive for, and even value. But that independence will always lead to isolation. When you see yourself as independent, you will become isolated - alone; and in your isolation you will become extreme in your positions and opinions. Occasionally God has to remind us whose sandbox we’re in. God has not called us to independence, but to interdependence. We need each other. We rely on each other. We are better together. We learn and grow and are shaped by one another. Interdependence is what God calls us to in his sandbox of daily living. “Can your hand say that it has no need of your foot? Can your eye say that it has no need of your ear?” Of course not. God has made us intricately interdependent. But He has also given us the ability to decide whose rules we live by in the sandbox. May you choose to reflect God’s intention for your day -- a spirit of interdependence with others in reflecting God’s call.

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