Sandbox Lessons - Service

“You owe me. I deserve it. You should provide it for me without cost or question. I paid for it, so you’re obligated!” Can you believe it? A series of comments that reflect a selfish demand to be at the center of the world. Everything circles around the heart of one who feels entitled. They think as if every system, institution, or structure is intended to serve their personal needs. Entitlement is one of the most insidious forces in our culture. At face value, assuming we are entitled to services or deference sounds like it dignifies people. In fact, it demeans the nature of how God has made us. It undermines the basic call of God to love.

“Greater love has no one than this – that a person lay down their life for their friends!” Those are Jesus’ own words. That does not sound like entitlement to me. Rather it is a call to service and sacrifice. While our human nature and our culture clamor for entitlements, Jesus calls us to sacrifice. That’s the essence of healthy relationships that honor and dignify others while fulfilling our own call to live like Christ.

If you have a prayer request, this week, please let me know and our Prayer Partners will pray for you. May you embrace God’s call to sacrifice and service as an instrument of God’s Spirit.