Sandbox lessons — Submission

"I’m the boss! I’m in charge. You have to obey me or get fired. I have the power. I am over you.” Words that many utter when they assume that dominance is what it takes to be successful. Human nature always wants to dominate others. And we have misconstrued success to mean the ability to dominate others. Even popular movies and books all seem to cast the hero as the one who ultimately dominates. But dominance always means that someone else suffers and is put down.

God comes along in the trajectory of our lives and even our culture and reminds us that He has not called us to dominance. That’s our selfish goal. His is different. “Have the mind in you that was in Christ Jesus – who though he was God, emptied himself and humbled himself.” That doesn’t sound much like dominance to me. It sounds like a spirit submission. You see, the rules of living in God’s sandbox include submission, not dominance. It is in a spirit of submission that the power of God is brought to fullness in our lives.

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