Holy Week

Today we begin Holy Week. Palm Sunday is the day we commemorate the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem while people welcomed him crying “Save Us! Save Us!” Of course Jesus did just that – but not before he walked through Holy Week. During the next few days, take time each day to reflect upon the painful, harsh, cruelty of the last days of Jesus’ life. Don’t just recall the stories of it, but put yourself in the moment and let God impress upon you the fullness of identifying with Christ. And most importantly, embrace that pain of Friday and the joy of next Sunday’s resurrection! You have the hope of life because of Christ.

To help you with these next few days, you can take a few minutes to walk the Stations of the Cross on West Campus in the Mary Hill building. If you live too far away, then at least take a few minutes each day to reflect upon God’s work in your life.

Bless you this Holy Week.