It Makes a Big Difference

It can become so routine and so focused on non-essential things that Easter means nothing but a fun time with candy. Yet it is the most important day of the year when it comes to eternal things. Not only does it represent the hope of every person for eternal life through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but it changes how we live each day. Because you know the final outcome of this world – that God’s love prevails, you are able to withstand some pretty painful moments in life. Because you know that God’s love is so secure that God raised Jesus as an example of how he wants to raise you to eternal love, you can navigate tough circumstances. Because of the hope of eternity with God, the hard situations you face right now can give way to faith in Christ.

You see, when Jesus was raised from the grave, it was all so that you can have hope, love, and eternity. Easter really does make a difference – in your eternal destiny AND in your daily life. What a day.

If you have any prayer requests, send them to me and our Prayer Partners will pray for you this week.