When Grace Is Not Enough

There are people in need all around the world. Can you imagine if we simply said “God’s grace will be enough for them” and left it at that? In cases like this we are compelled to become the expression of God’s grace – a touch, presence, a word, food, generosity. In reality there may be many people around you - or you may be that person – who is in need. It may not be as visible, but it may be equally hurtful. Knowing that God’s grace is available to them is nice for the hurting person. But it still may not be enough. You may be the one who should become the expression of God’s grace to them. Perhaps a hand on the shoulder; a word of affirmation; looking them directly in the eye with a kind expression; or simply presence. It may sound heretical, but sometimes God’s grace is not enough. What is needed most is another person who becomes God’s grace incarnate – God’s hands and feet. That may be your calling this week. Don’t overlook the moment.

I trust you will take advantage of the SoulQuest chaplains and the Fellowships planned for you. If you are not sure when they meet or who the Chaplain in your location is, feel free to contact your program office or visit the website to know who your chaplain is: www.apu.edu/chaplain.

And of course, if you have any prayer requests, please send them to me. Our Prayer Partners pray for you each day.

Blessings on you,