Life Or Death Choices

Every day you make life or death choices! Probably he first thing that comes to your mind when I say that is a huge decision where someone's life hangs in the balance and you must choose rightly to save them or lose them. Well, not every "life or death" choice is that obvious or dramatic. You see, every day you make choices about many things – especially relational things or factors related to your everyday job. Each of those choices leads incrementally to life or to death. When you make a choice that closes the possibility of God's grace to work and bring healing or wholeness, that's a choice for death. When you do something that undermines the dignity of another person, or when you lash out sarcastically that’s a choice for death. Some part of you dies each time.
When you make choices that allow for grace to continue working, inviting improvement, opening the chances for growth, that's a choice for life. When you do something that acknowledges the image of God in another person, or you give forgiveness so that they are built up, that’s a choice for life. Every time you make a choice like this, you move incrementally along a path to one or the other – either towards death or life. That's why every decision you make is important. Listen to the nudge of the Holy Spirit, choose life!

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