Contract of Partnership

There are two ways to approach communicating with your best friend. You can either treat it as a contract where you each are getting something from the other, or you can treat it as a partnership of dynamic communication. In the latter, you allow your friend to influence you, to shape your thinking, to nudge you. At the root of that is a deep trust that you have in them by opening yourself to them. Prayer can either be a time when you lay out your issues and demands and "deal" with God, or it can be a time of partnership with God. One raises your level of anxiety even in fulfilling what you promise God you will do as part of the contract. The other provides release and rest as you accept the partnership of the One who walks with you. Take some time today in reflecting on the partnership God wants with you. That's real prayer.

If you have any requests, feel free to send them to me and our Prayer Partners will be happy to pray for you.