The Technology offices at your workplace or university have been working overtime. The network has slowed down dramatically as a growing number of constituents download movies, videos, music, research docs, and surf the web. The solution? Increase bandwidth to allow for more work to be accomplished by more people. There seems to come a point in life when our ability to process experiences and new information clogs up and we become anxious if not paralyzed. Too many things to learn, experiences to adjust to, information to assimilate! Your natural reaction is to work harder and concentrate more.

Can I suggest something different? Relax. Surrender. Open up. Not irresponsibly, but to the partnering presence and quietness of Jesus. You see, walking in a peaceful, relaxed, vibrant partnership with Jesus allows Him to use every moment as a transformational opportunity in your life. He maximizes everything because He is the master multi-tasker. No experience is wasted when Christ is woven into your life. What may seem like an irrelevant event can be an insightful door into your own soul. Everything becomes useful to the Master at work in you. It's like increasing your bandwidth.

If you have any prayer requests, please let me know and our Prayer Partners will be praying for you this week.