One Piece at a Time

The homeowner began his project. He was putting trim molding around the ceiling of his family room.  He had to measure and cut small pieces to fit around the large beams, corners, and angles of the room.  He began with one piece that fit just right into a small space and nailed it in place. Then he cut the next, and the next all around the room. Each piece was cut to fit perfectly and nailed in place connected to the previous piece. One piece at a time he worked his way around the room until it was complete.  And it looked great.  Can you imagine what would have happened if he had tried cutting all the pieces at once?  What a mess it would have been.

Every experience you have is like a piece of molding that is being fit to frame your life.  You can’t jump ahead.  Tomorrow’s experiences will be based upon today.  If you let Christ measure your attitude and fill your behavior with His grace, one moment will build on the next.  One piece at a time the Master Carpenter will frame your life in grace, kindness, effectiveness and wholeness so that you will reflect His vision for you!

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