Tapestry of Wholeness

You’ve probably heard the phrase a thousand times, “you never know!”  With all the variables that are at work surrounding your daily choices you may always wonder, “Is it right?” “Did I choose well?” – Whether you are deciding how to use your time, how to respond to your daughter or son, or even how to react to hard news from a friend or employer.  You may try to anticipate the outcome and attempt to shape your action to control it.  May I urge you, however, to treat each moment as a gift from God.  Embrace it fully and act authentically in it.  Don’t be distracted by attempting to second guess your decisions and manipulate your circumstances. Your goal is to reflect Christ well in each moment trusting that the Lord of your life will weave those authentic moments together in a beautiful tapestry of wholeness that gives your life meaning.

If you have any prayer requests, our Prayer Partners would love to pray for you.  Just send me a note and I’ll invite them to pray.  And I hope you will connect with other graduate and professional students at: www.facebook.com/groups/apusoulquest.