You imagine that with some effort you can please your boss, your partner, your supervisor, or even your friends who are watching.  Everything about our work-a-day world tells us that we need to strive to meet the expectations or wishes of others.  So we spend a lot of effort striving to live up to them so we’ll be liked.  And it seems we never really arrive.  It feels like we should always do more or better.

In the economy of God, though, things are different.  When he says, “Come to me all who are weary; I’ll give you rest” what he’s trying to do is keep us from striving just to please him.  God simply accepts you for who you are.  No need for striving.  You can’t earn his love, he already loves you.  Oh yes, of course he wants you to work and use your gifts – but not in an effort to get him to love you any more.  With God, there is no need for striving.  He simply loves you.

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