It’s fourth down and two yards to go.  That means you have one chance to move forward two yards and convert that condition to a new opportunity – a first down!  Hard work; anxiety; hope; effort; and a lot of faith.  That’s what goes on in the middle of a tough situation – and you want a conversion of that fourth down to a new opportunity.

The nice part about where you are right now is that you are not alone.  And it’s not just a matter of successfully completing the task that’s holding you back.  With God in the middle of your play, you can be assured that He will ALWAYS open up a new opportunity – to move forward, to grow, to learn, to deepen, to broaden personally.  He gives you a first down every time.  A new chance to move ahead. It’s sort of like seeing “every down as a first down.”  That is what conversion is all about!

If you have any prayer requests, please let me know. We will pray for you.