Life In Christ

Though the slang has changed, we used to describe ourselves as being “into” someone.  Lovers would pledge themselves to each other in a faddish lingo – “I’m really into you!”  Of course at first glance, that meant they focused their full attention on that other person and wanted their life to revolve around them.  Over time, a subtle change would begin to take place.  Soon life would take on a new perspective by being with that other person; everything was given excitement because they were in the center.

Imagine living a life that is “into Christ!”  Revolving around Him. Finding fulfillment in Him.  Centered on Him as the top priority.  Life finds fulfillment, it is given deep meaning, and the changing circumstances around you begin to grow dimmer as they find perspective in relation to the deep wholeness Christ brings at the center of your life.  Life in Christ is a whole lot more than merely believing.  It’s finding your strength, your hope, your life in Him.

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