Under Construction

As you pass the “Under Construction” sign, you wonder.  They said they would make the street smoother and better.  But it looks awful.  It’s down to one lane instead of two; the surface is all torn up; the holes have been made bigger and more gaping!  What’s going on?  It certainly doesn’t look better, but worse.  But in the fullness of time, you look back and say, “It was worth it.”  The smooth surface makes the inconvenience tolerable.

Any time there is substantive work done, there is often a period of disruption and things feel worse.  Even in the journey of growing in Christ.  You may be in the middle of a time when it feels like your Christian experience is being torn up.  Your wounds feel bigger, the surface is torn up and you feel exposed and vulnerable, and there seems to be a clog and your prayers feel like they are sluggish and barely getting through.  Perhaps the Lord is doing a little construction – and it requires that things feel and look worse before they get better.  The nice thing about the Creator’s grace is that you know it will result in growth, improvement, strength, substantive formation.  So freely put an “Under Construction” sign around your heart, and trust the gracious hand of the Master.

If you have prayer requests, let me know.  We take seriously the privilege of praying for you.