May I?

We made our way down the aisle of the concert hall to a row that seemed to have space for us.  A lady was sitting in the same row, but there was enough room for the two of us.  What I didn’t know is whether she was holding those seats for someone yet to come.  I asked, “Can we sit next to you?”  She held up her hand as if to slow me down and started to say something just as I rephrased my question, “MAY we sit next to you?”  As if that were magic, she said, “Yes, of course!” I could tell she was someone who was listening carefully to my words.  There’s a big difference between “can I” and “may I.”

With Jesus, the answer to “may I” is always, “Yes! Of course!”  But the answer to “can I” must come from your own will and desire. So as you approach Christ, think carefully about your question.

If you want to speak with a Chaplain, let me know or contact your program office.  And if you have prayer requests, please let me know.  We’ll pray for you.