The Sun Is the Constant

It’s a gray and gloomy day.  The clouds seem to hang heavy over the city.  And after a while it’s like they will never go away.  Occasionally you see a burst of light through a gap in the clouds.  And for a moment, there’s relief from the gloom; but very quickly the clouds cover it up again.  It’s like the sun becomes an occasional presence in the lingering, constant gloom.

But if you think about it, it's the gloom that's temporary, the sun is the constant.  The clouds will eventually blow away, but the sun is always there – whether you see it or not. You may feel as though you are living under constant gray and heavy clouds. But occasionally you will see a sudden burst of light.  A small ray of hope.  Be encouraged; that's God reminding you that there is relief.  And mostly, that when you are in Christ, the clouds will eventually clear and He is the constant.  Gloom is temporary.  Wait on the Lord and your strength will be renewed, your vision cleared, your heart will find relief.

Let me know if we can pray for you for anything in particular.  Remember, we are here for you and pray often.