A Common Currency

You may have travelled overseas and found yourself befuddled by the complexity of currency exchange.  You arrive and have to change money, paying a fee.  Then you go shopping and work overtime trying to convert every price. It’s only when you finally make the calculation that you can engage in the process of valuation – “is it worth it?” And if you’re like a lot of travelers, you finally get to a point when you feel overwhelmed, tired, and perhaps frustrated at this never-ending process.  “We should just have a common currency! Everything would be far easier!” you exclaim.

Interestingly, God has provided a common currency – not for the monetary economies of the world, but for the economy of the human heart that seeks meaning, value, and fulfillment.  That currency is love and it was manifested visibly in the person of Jesus Christ.  When you decide to follow Christ and allow Him to increasingly form your life, you are investing more and more in the economy of God’s Kingdom and you begin using His currency – love.  Earn a lot, and invest it well!

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