When You Least Expect

I trust the week has begun well and you are encouraged.  Doubtless you have had good and "not-so-good" things even in the last week.  Obviously we all wish everything were good and that somehow we could snap our fingers and have none of the bad.  Well, I can't say there is a way to do that, but close.  If Jesus is a vital part of your life and you have chosen to center yourself in Him, there is always hope.  You can learn to look through the moment to the One who is always working in your behalf.  When you least expect it, Jesus shapes the moment for your good.  You can live in faith that He will do this for you.  As you begin to live that faith every moment, suddenly things aren't so bad.  Hard, maybe, but good -- as you recognize Christ at work in you when you least expect it.  Be encouraged and uplifted!

Let me know if you have anything for which you would like prayer.  We will pray.