Out of Darkness

Did you notice that when the really intelligent and well-trained teacher, Nicodemus, came to Jesus it was night?  It was late and probably very dark.  Yet he approached the Light.  Even though he was one of the most enlightened, intelligent, and trained persons of his time, for some compelling reason he was drawn to the light to ask.  There was an undefined force within him that just knew he needed help, fullness, healing, wholeness, balance – something.  Perhaps he couldn’t put his finger on it, but whatever it was, it nudged him to the edges of light to inquire – itself an act of openness.

In the solitary moments and dark or hidden places of our lives, something inside of us tells us to come out of darkness.  We are drawn to the edges of the light to see if there may be some fullness, healing, wholeness that we so deeply long for.  In Christ alone we find that.  For He is the Light that shines and drives away shadows.  Come out of darkness and to the Light!

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