Have You Told Someone?

Lately I’ve been amazed at the pain and burdens that so many people carry around.  To look at them, you’d think everything was going great – all smiles, a determined stride, and a quick-witted response to a friend or co-worker.  “Everything’s cool!  I’ve got this.  All’s good.” At least that’s the signal they send.  But inside there may be hurt, rejection, sadness, worry, anxiety or any one of a dozen other burdens. Why do we hide behind an image that’s all cleaned up and tidy?  I don’t really know.  But I do know that hurt is most intense when it’s isolated.  Have you told someone?  Mostly, have you told God?  It’s the best place to start sharing the load. And certainly we want to help you bear whatever load you may be carrying.

Let me know if you’d like our faculty members to pray for you.  We take it very seriously.

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