Buttons and Levers

It’s amazing how much energy we spend trying to make things happen just the way we want.  We push and pull, strive and work – all in an effort to make things perfect, to come out the way we have planned.  And when they don’t, we are hurt or wonder which button we forgot to push or level we didn’t pull to create just the right outcome.  But every time I look at the tapestry in the back of the Cathedral in Los Angeles, I see the same Jesus -- kneeling.  Not pushing buttons and pulling levers, but in surrender to the circumstances that will come.  It seems that God is not as interested in what you make happen as He is how you handle what does happen.  Don’t misunderstand – I am not suggesting that you stop planning for your future!  Keep leaning forward in your job, school, vocation.  But don’t assume that you can completely figure out exactly the right buttons and levers to use to be fulfilled.  Following Christ really is a disposition of the heart – surrendered to the circumstances and letting His peace be your foundation and joy.

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