Embrace the Present

So many times in the Bible, Jesus uses the words “I am” to refer to himself. “I am the gate,” “I am the way,” “I am the life.”  Of course that’s reminiscent of when God called Moses, remember?  God said, “tell them ‘I am’ has sent you.”  Always the present tense.  God is not bound by time.  Those who walk with Christ are also not bound by the constraints of time…well, at least not in respect to embracing the fullness of life.  You still have to plan for the future, and you still have to live with consequences of the past.  But walking with Jesus gives you the ability to embrace the present.  Living in the past will invariably cause a deep sense of guilt – over what you did or should have done.  Living in the future will easily result in anxiety – worrying about what may happen and whether you’ll perform properly.  BUT, living in the present brings fullness of life, because God is in the present.  Embracing the moment may mean facing the pain, or seeing the joy; it may mean appreciating mercy and grace, or being thankful for salvation.  Whatever the present circumstance is, you can be sure that Christ is in it with you – because God is present, “I am.”

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Embrace the moment,