The Truth

The first thing you think of when somebody tells you they are seeking the truth is that they are looking for information that is correct.  Your mind assumes that truth is simply a piece of data, or a belief, or theory that is correct.  But then along comes Jesus saying, “…I am the truth.”  It sounds odd.  It doesn’t fit your assumption about what truth is. But it does affect how you approach the idea of truth.  Is it a piece of information, or is it a person?

Generally we get to know information using our analytical and cognitive ability to decide whether it is correct or not.   And we start from a skeptical mindset.  But when presented with a person, we start from a very different place.  We want to know them; we spend time with them; we hang out; we inquire.  All in an effort to know them in a relational way.  Jesus’ claim to be the truth sets the frame of reference of anyone who pursues knowing truth.  It is a relationship with a person, not an analytical skepticism about a piece of information.  Knowing Jesus opens the world of information to meaning and understanding.

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