Motivating Passion

Passion motivates a lot of things – work, love, dreams, food, hobbies, and many other things. But the most important passion is that deep passion that drives your life toward fulfillment.  God has made you with the need to be fulfilled, whole, complete.  That fulfillment grows each day as you live in the sweet spot of a motivating passion.  It gives coherence and texture to your life.  It gives meaning to your actions and guidance to your decisions. You put yourself in places and with people who fuel your passion, who affirm you and move you along in becoming what God has created you to become.  Mostly, the Holy Spirit gives you subtle nudges to help you discover and stay in the middle of your motivating passion.  Will you take a few moments each day to simply invite God to reveal in greater clarity the motivating passion He’s put in your heart?

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Live a life of passion!