Religion or Relationship

You walk into a church or a cathedral and admire the amazing works of art, the layout, the worshipful atmosphere.  And you notice the effect it has on you – a bit of awe, quietness and a natural tendency to become hushed.  It’s easy to assume that a building is just a physical reminder of a dry and crusty religion.  But when you sense the inner response, you know there’s more to it than that.  It’s more than a religion.  It’s a relationship.  Sure the building is just concrete and mortar.  But what it represents, how it’s been built, who it’s been dedicated to all converge when your seeking heart crosses the threshold.  And true worship begins at that moment. No, it’s not necessary to be in a building to worship.  But when you bring your open heart to God, places like that become sacred.  And Christ becomes real. Take the step across the threshold – from religion to relationship.

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