Everything Is Fresh

Welcome to the new week.  It represents a new slate, a new opportunity, a new challenge.  Although there may be some baggage that carries over from last week or even from months before, today is fresh.  God made it for you to step into with fresh eyes, fresh energy and fresh anticipation that He will walk with you.  And remember, God has fresh hope that in this new week you will welcome Him as your primary companion on the way.  That's important because not only is this a new week for you, but it is a new one for the two of you together.  That's why He has made a special promise to you -- His grace is fresh every day.  Today is no exception.  Everything is new today, including the grace of God.  So step into the day with confidence and reliance on that fresh grace for everything the day holds.  And may God be with you.

If you have any prayer requests, simply hit reply with your request and our Prayer Partners will pray specially for you this week.

Grace for today,