Light to Live By

Most nights when you’re away from the city lights, it’s pretty dark.  So dark, in fact, that you can hardly see anything.  You can’t read, walk on a pathway, or do much of anything else associated with daily living.  Try taking a walk in the park or in the mountains on a dark night – pitch dark.  But on the nights when the moon is full it’s like a beacon, a spotlight.  Suddenly things are revealed. And you can actually make your way around and function.  It’s like someone turned on a light to live by. Jesus said “I am the light of the world.”  I don’t think he could be more graphic than that.  Darkness keeps you from acting.  Jesus – the light of the world – will walk with you becoming like a light on a dark night. Oh I realize it may not be physical light, but Christ brings light to reveal the pitfalls of bad choices and the pathway to good ones.  That allows you to step forward in quiet confidence.

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