Jesus said, “I AM…” and then proceeds to tell you he’s the way, the truth and the life.  But wait a minute.  I AM – that means “present!”  You probably recall some of your teachers occasionally calling roll.  They read through the list of names of their students.  When yours is called, you respond appropriately, “PRESENT.”  In other words, you’re there; you are in the room; you showed up; you’re engaged in the class.  Now imagine the path of your life – your classes, your work, your family, and all the unplanned things that seem to come at you.  There comes an overwhelming moment when you just throw up your hands, and call roll.  “Jesus! Are you here?”  He’s already answered your roll call.  He’s in the room; he showed up; he’s engaged with you!  He is “I AM” – present.

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