Tethering Yourself

It is so tempting to take lots of advice and try to reshape our lives to conform to what those giving advice ask of us.  Most of the time it's really great advice.  But the question is this, "Where is your life tethered?"  We are all tethered somewhere.  And that tether will become our anchor. You can either choose to tether your life to external sources -- like other people -- or you can choose to tether your life to Jesus Christ.  In that case, the advice you get from people will be good, but will be just that -- advice.  In the case where you tie yourself to external sources, soon they will begin to be your defining anchor.  And all that advice will begin to overwhelm you, pressure you, and pull you apart.  The alternative is an anchor that will center you and deepen you.  Tether your life to Jesus Christ and find the anchor that gives you confidence.

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