Grace Around You

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.  I also hope that you found some brief, but special moments for centering yourself in the love of God.  Especially as you considered the many blessings God has given you.  During the remainder of the year, there are lots of opportunities to be reminded of God’s goodness to you.  Advent, Christmas, New Year's -- all occur within the next few weeks.  As you go forward, one day at a time, make note of the grace of God all around you.  Let that bring you confidence and deep thankfulness even when things aren’t as you had hoped.  Praise God for the relationships that are in your life that give encouragement and fulfillment to you.  And mostly, for His care and presence that will surround you.

Let me know if you have prayer requests.  I will be sure to have our Prayer Partners pray for you.