What Does Your Advent Do?

This is the Advent season.  Christmas is coming soon.  Advent means, “the appearance” or “the coming.”  Usually it has to do with a significant moment or experience – and of course the coming of the Son of God to the world was a significant moment.  During advent we focus on anticipating the appearance or coming of Jesus the Christ.  We have that pretty well defined.  You’ve heard countless sermons, lessons, devotionals, and songs that depict the coming of the Messiah and the impact that had on the world.  Now here’s the hard question…what about your own advent?  When you show up, when you appear, when you come into a place what is the impact?  Does everything stay the same?  Or when you appear is there a greater measure of the presence and grace of Jesus Christ that impacts your surroundings?

If the Living Christ is in you, when you appear the moment should be impactful. The effect will make a difference as the gentle grace, love, forgiveness and quiet confidence of Christ is reflected in you.  What’s your advent?

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Blessings on your Christmas!