Messiah MY King!

It’s really easy to celebrate the coming of the Messiah – Jesus Christ – as THE King.  Scripture is replete with references to Him coming as the King of Kings, Lord of Lords.  And we even hear it in Handel’s masterpiece, “The Messiah.”  How could we not celebrate such a King who brings love, upsets political structures to introduce the Reign of God in Peace and Grace?  But my question to you is this: “At what point does ‘Messiah THE King’ become ‘Messiah MY King?’” It seems that Jesus came to be not just THE King of Kings, but to be YOUR King.  That calls for more that celebration, it invites passionate surrender to the Love of God who came to bring Peace, Grace, and wholeness.  So my wish for you is simple…”May the Messiah be more to you this season than a holiday concept.  May He be YOUR king bringing peace and deep love to your heart and home as you give yourself completely to HIM!”

May your Christmas be truly blessed.