One Missing Piece

The mother and daughter spent part of their vacation time working on the 2000 piece puzzle.  After the daughter went back to work, the mom completed it – except for one piece that she could not find anywhere!  And the puzzle wasn’t finished without it.  A few days later, the daughter texted her, “Oh, by the way, I hid one piece of the puzzle!”  She proceeded to provide the last piece that finished it and made the picture complete.

Your life is like 2000 pieces of a puzzle.  And at times you may wonder how it all fits together. And there’s a piece that seems to elude you.  Then Jesus shows up and puts the one missing piece in place – and it all fits.  Not that He’s hiding it from you, but perhaps faith is built in the times where the piece is missing.  Can you trust Him to bring that one piece to connect it all?  Whether you see the complete picture of your journey or not Christ is walking with you and in unexpected ways puts the one missing piece in place to make things come together.  Keep walking in faith!

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