Object of Your Affection

He went car shopping and found one that was absolutely cool!  And to make things even better, it was actually within reach financially.  From that point on for a few days he could think of nothing but that car, what it would be like to drive it, how it would shape his image, and what he needed to do to get the financing and buy it. It became the object of his affection.  His daily routine revolved around the task of making it work; his conversations quickly slid into discussions of the process of purchasing it.  His life seemed to revolve around his affection.

So what’s the object of your affection these days?  Of course there will be times when it changes – perhaps today it’s your new job, or the pay increase, or the upcoming vacation, or even a new home. These are all temporary and one will quickly give way to the next.  While they are wonderfully fun, they are only a shadow of the constancy of Jesus Christ.  Above all the other passing things, set your affection on Jesus.  Amazing how your conversation, schedule, priorities and thinking will soon point to Him – the object of your affection!

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Blessings on you today,