When you began your academic program, you had some kind of goal in mind.  A new job, a promotion, a larger pay check or some intrinsic desire to know more or develop personally.  I suppose there are even some who simply like the idea of having letters after their name.  That’s okay.  It’s an image they seek to live up to.  Whatever the reason, I do hope that your program and experience here at APU will help you to achieve those goals – whatever they were.  More than that, though, I pray that you will be open to the possibility that in addition to goals that YOU have for your life, God may also have some goals for your life.  I do not presume to tell you what those are, but I or any of our chaplains would love to explore that with you if you are not sure.  In any case, I hope that you will consider the possibility that God has some goal in mind for you.  What a wonderful journey to discover and embrace that too.

Please let me know if you have a prayer request.  We will pray for you.