Embrace the Moment!

I trust your week is beginning as beautifully as the weather!  Have you even noticed?  Don't miss it.  With all you have going on, you may be breathless just trying to keep up with your schedule -- work, kids, home, school, social life.  In it, you may find your mind is one or two steps ahead of your body, always anticipating what you need to do next.  May I urge you to find God in the present.  Let your mind be where your body is.  In that moment, God wants to give you abundance.  If you are with family, savor it.  If you are studying, embrace it.  If you are at work, throw yourself into it.  Let the Present be sacred, for it is a gift of God to you.

If you have a prayer request, please feel free to send it to me.  Our Prayer Partners will pray for you!

Blessings on you today,