Scattered Showers

It may be pouring rain at your house as you leave for work or school.  And it’s hard to believe that the sun is actually shining anywhere nearby.  But as you arrive at the campus or in your parking lot at work, you look around and suddenly realize that there is no rain; everything is dry, and the sun is actually out! It’s what the weatherman calls “scattered showers”.

Your life is much more than the isolated shower you might be living under right now.  Sure, school might be particularly tough; a relationship at work may be challenging; or anxiety about one of your children has gripped your heart.  But that isolated shower does not mean that everything in your life is gloomy.  Think about the blessings God has put in your path – your job, the encouraging word from a friend, the reminder of Jesus’ proximity to you.  All of those things are God’s way of reminding you that His grace is at work all around you – even though you may be under an isolated shower for the moment.

If you have a prayer request or you would like a Chaplain to contact you, please let me know.  Our Prayer Partners will be praying for you and our Chaplains stand ready to encourage you with the good news of God’s love.