Centered Then Balanced

 Just about everything you do is observed by someone else.  Your supervisor, your co-workers, your family members, your professor, your students all are watching to see if you live up to their expectations.  It’s not hard at all to start living to those standards – attempting to conform your actions to the expectations of others.  But in reality there is a more important expectation, a bigger priority, than performing to the expectation of other people. There is an internal center of gravity that balances your life and gives it healthy formation.  It is the unseen dimension of your soul.  No one sees it but God.  And you know it’s there.  Few people talk about it.  Yet it is the most fundamental priority in your life.  Rooting yourself in Christ provides a center of gravity that shapes everything you do. When your soul is centered in God, then your performance becomes balanced.  Look beyond the external expectations of others to centering your soul in Christ and watch the balance begin to emerge in what you do.

I invite you to participate in SoulQuest activities in your school or site:
·         Join others at:
·         Ask the staff members for information on events and fellowships that may be scheduled in your department or regional center;
·         Contact one of our Chaplains if you would like to meet personally;
·         Email me in reply if you have prayer requests. 70 faculty members have committed to be Prayer Partners and pray for you each week.