An Environment of Love

Love is as much an environment as it is action.  It is attitude and behavior.  God has shown love for you and me through actions. He sent Jesus, His son, as an expression of how much He loves you. But God also gives an environment full of love.  That is the Holy Spirit who is with you, enfolding you in His passionate love. You may put your faith in Christ for your life, but you also may choose to let the Holy Spirit help in dealing with whatever issues you may be facing right now.  In so doing, you allow God to bring an environment of love to your circumstances and that makes a huge difference in how others will feel about you, how you will feel about yourself, and how God will feel about you.  God is interested in the environment you convey. 


Let me know if you have any prayer requests that you would like our Prayer Partners to be praying for. And I hope you will join other graduate students online