Your Starting Point

I pray your weekend went really well – and that you were able to be in church!  As you start this work week, consider for a moment your starting point.  Often when you walk into the office/work place, you look around at what needs to be done.  Good, that’s responsible.  But when there’s so much, it becomes overwhelming, and maybe only then do you think about bringing Christ into the mix.  Try changing your starting point.  Instead of starting with what you have to do, start with your desire to let Christ be in the middle – motivating, inspiring, and accompanying you.  Then look at the “to do list.”  Start with the assumption that your spiritual commitment will frame your job.  Now you are living, not reacting. 
If you have a prayer request, feel free to hit reply to this email.  Our Prayer Partners are happy to pray for you this week.  You may also want to join other students online at:
Blessings on you today!