Navigating the Valleys

Have you ever been lost in the maze of the city? You don’t know which way is north or south. You feel confused and completely disoriented. Then, all of a sudden you catch a glimpse of a mountain peak you know well. Everything falls into place and you feel like you just got your bearings. Relief and confidence replace anxiety and confusion; all because you recognize a mountain that gives you orientation.

Perhaps it’s not a real mountain, but an intimate encounter with Christ and a deeply moving spiritual moment when the Holy Spirit assures you of God’s love and call on your life are like a mountain top experience. Although you shouldn’t dwell on it or try to reproduce it day after day, that experience serves as a reference point in your life. When you feel disoriented, lost, hopeless, or anxious – look around and catch a glimpse of that experience. And when you remember it, suddenly you find your bearings again. You see, you can navigate the valleys as long as you know where your mountain peaks are!

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