Putting the Puzzle Together Again

 Have you ever wondered how puzzles are made? Probably not! They imprint a beautiful picture on a single sheet of cardboard, then cut it in pieces. When you open the box, the picture is a jumble and you have to put it back the way it was created. It’s a painstaking process requiring patience, perseverance, and always looking for just the right piece. I’m glad someone likes to put the pieces back in place to see the picture the way it was intended.

God had a picture in mind when He created you – but sin has caused it to be broken into pieces. Thankfully, God has been working painstakingly to restore the image in you by putting together the broken pieces of what He first created as whole. I’m glad He likes to put the pieces of our lives together again. That is what Jesus came to make possible. I hope you will allow the picture to become whole again – by faith in Christ.

If you have any prayer requests, let me know and our Prayer Partners will pray for you this week.