Remembering and Forgetting

Isn’t it amazing how the more you remember who you really are, the more you forget why distracting agendas and lures of your current life are so important? When you find yourself caught in the pressure cooker environment of pleasing everyone and meeting everyone’s expectations your best path to stable confidence is remembering who you really are – a child of God, loved by Jesus, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. As you remember that core identity, you begin to forget why the temporary pressures around you are so distracting. Funny how even at times our agility at meeting the pressured and frenetic circumstances around us begins to define us: quick-witted, nimble, high performer, selfish manager, insensitive leader, high output. After a while we begin to think that’s what defines us. But remembering who you really are allows you to forget those tags that can warp your sense of self into becoming someone and something you really dislike. Remember who you are as a child of God. And in remembering let the false identity you’ve created be forgotten.

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