Never Lost

 You panic when you think you lost your phone. It has all your calendar events, contacts, messages, email, and your credit card info…everything you use daily. Now it’s lost! Or is it? It’s kind of nice to be able to log onto your account at any computer, and activate the “Find my Phone” feature. Whew! What a relief. In fact, your phone is never really lost. Misplaced? Yes. But never lost. Much like you. At times you feel like you are so far afield of a normal that you feel completely lost. Too much busyness; too many assignments; so many people counting on you; and an inner sense of deep loneliness. You feel lost. But God knows exactly where you are and what condition you are in. Try activating your account. Your password is Jesus Christ. Resting in the knowledge that God is always with you and will never forsake you really gives you an inner confidence that in all reality, you are never lost!

If you have a prayer request, reply to me and we will have our Prayer Partners pray for you.